I had planned the party for quite a while – I’d been scouring Pinterest just a teeny bit too much, as usual. I seem to have a knack for over exaggerating my talents and thinking I can do it all, in a short amount of time. My sisters and I turned into baking obsessed maniacs the week before, or at least I did, and they put up with it. Isabella got to lick the spoon and wear her new apron.

I wanted spring colours, with bunnies, chicks and ducklings, combined with the more grown up idea of afternoon tea. Let’s face it, this was really a party for me. She didn’t know it was all for her. I’m hoping she’ll look back on the photos and know how special she is to me, my little Isabelladorable.

My little sweetpea is one!

Fondant fancies made more babyish:


Bunny biscuits!

Easter chick wreath, a Pinterest special.  It was pretty easy to make.  Just take a polystyrene wreath, double sided tape and a million (ok 130) chicks and stick together.

I found this donkey and cart on Party Pieces and had to have it

Macaroons.  Batch one were a disaster,  batch two, thanks to my sister Rosie (annoyingly she takes the credit) looked GOOD! This recipe from BraveTart (ace name) was the one that worked.

Biiiig yellow balloons

With Daddy

Chick cake pops!

Birthday cake cake pops.  Another Pinterest inspired idea.

Easter egg tree :-)

Duckling and chick shape jam sandwiches.  My frugal and eco friendly Mum popped the leftover bits of sandwich (after the shapes had been cut out with cookie cutters) in the freezer.  An easy snack for Isabella when I’m in a hurry!

With some of her Auntie Rhiannon, Rosie and Laura and Uncle Dom

The kids each had a cake pop with a candle to blow out while Isabella (me) blew out hers

Her first birthday cake!  Baked in a sweetcorn tin as my Grandma used to do for us.  The ruffles are really easy to ice on with buttercream (there is a tutorial on YouTube)

Don’t grab the flame!

There was more time to play with presents the next day

What a lucky, loved little girl my baby is!

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HayleyRuth - Cambridge Wedding Photographer posted the following on April 2, 2012 at 3:35 pm.

WOW you are making me hungry :) I have a significant birthday later this year and I think I should just hire you and your sisters to do the catering and photography :) xxxx

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