Meet Archie, my miniature shetland pony. He’s living at my parents at the moment, but as I am determined Isabella will love horses as much as I do, she has started her riding lessons on him already ;-)


This is my sisters miniature shetland pony, Archie’s current companion.

When I was 9 I asked my Mum and Dad for pony.  I think every 9 year old girl asks their parents for a pony, but few get the outcome I did.  I imagined a gleaming palamino, leading me to glory and rosettes at every local show, the envy of all my friends as I galloped about and flew over huge show jumps.  Instead I was presented with an old, arthritic donkey, Belinda, and her two year old, unbroken, slightly wild younger companion Louise.  My dreams were shattered.

Those donkeys grew to be our best friends, stars in made up gymkhanas in our front field, even being persuaded to jump – when they could be bothered.  Belinda died some time ago, and Louise suddenly followed her, unexpectedly, aged 22 a couple of years ago.  The field never looked quite the same with a donkey in it, and so Mum searched high and low for a miniature donkey for Dad’s birthday in April.  Meet Zara:

Zara isn’t just fat, we are expecting a miniature donkey foal in July.  I don’t think anything sounds much cuter than that.


Lovely soft velvet nose


The latest additions are Branston and Pickle, a pair of shy pygmy goat kids.

In case you hadn’t noticed, we have a bit of a thing for sweet mini animals.  I balance that out a bit with my 17.2hh thoroughbred, who Archie can walk underneath!

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